Welcome to Prema, my name is Kris Layman, creator, collaborator here at Prema.  

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If you are new to yoga and have some questions, here are a couple online resources:

Tips Before Your First Yoga Class

Yoga International 

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your health and healing journey.

It is also our commitment to bring some of the top experts in their field of practice, teachings, and offerings to help you thrive & feel connected in your body, mind and spirit.   We feel community and connection are key for holding space for our own healing and holding space for each other.



A little about me; my teaching is influenced in Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda.  In my classes, we are moving beyond the 'form' of a pose (asana), and focusing on the function of the pose.  How does it affect your nervous system, energy, mind, and physical stretch/strength.  How to move your body in order to make more space for your breath.  This includes asana (physical postures), learning specific ways to guide the breath, meditation, and more.  Please join me in using the physical practice to go beyond just the physical body.  Why?  Because we are so much more than our physical bodies.  
It is time for your yoga practice to reflect that.  
Many yoga classes sometimes feel rushed, and students are moving so fast it is easy to place strain on your joints without realizing what the function of the pose is.  

Yoga is meditation, listening to your soul, peering into the part of you that is not your thoughts.  This is what I hope to offer you in a yoga class or workshop.  My wish is that when you leave, you have an experience beyond time and space and have come home to your heart.



Much love,  Kris


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