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In yoga there are a couple concepts called abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (non-attachment).  This means equal measure of effort and ease.  How that plays out in our lives; in different areas of our life, and in our yoga practice varies with each person.  

Personally, I have been paying greater attention to how I listen - not only to the outside sounds, people, news, etc., but to my inner intuition and voice.  I have been continuing to see the ebb and flow of my energy, creativity, extroversion, introversion, natural cycles and rhythm of my own body, thoughts, energy, etc.  In holding a greater awareness of this, I notice more of the paradox and making space for when I am frustrated outwardly at th...

The POWER of empathy vs. sympathy.

I was reminded of that today.

I believe people recognize the difference between the two; whether it's a feeling they have, or an actual thought.

I feel as a collective  - many women have this to express: "Please don't feel sorry for me. I am a strong woman who will falter, hands in the air, pain in my heart, and eventually pick myself up, rise above, and remember who I am and what is inside of me."

The question is; can we be there and hold space for each other in those vulnerable times?  Brene Brown speaks on this so eloquently on this: 

Today I had a vision.... Imagine yourself on a very long car ride driving non-stop for days and days and days..... In the car, traveling with you is the most annoying, loud, obnoxious person you could imagine. They are talking in a whiny, high-pitched voice, nagging about what you’re not doing correct, how long it’s going to take you, how you should be doing it better, be better – you get the idea...

Then imagine that person becomes a bunch of over-tired, cranky kids fighting and throwing a tantrum.

And I remind you, there is no escape on this road trip. 
You are stuck in that car FOREVER... 

For survival sake, you start to tune out the nagging and bickering voices even though they are still traveling with you. You’ve become numb to it.

Here’s what...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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