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June, July, & August


Entire Summer of YOGA

Feelin' Groovy~

Summer Special

Empower YOU!

Commitment to your health

Body, Mind, & Heart

Say Yes!

This is time for you. 

You are worthy.

~ To be nourished

~ Focused

~ Open to self-love

~ Permission for messy

& everything in-between.

This program is for you if you find yourself saying ~

  • I have a hard time sticking to my health goals

  • I find myself mindlessly eating

  • I am looking for more structure and focus

  • I'm feeling stuck and unmotivated

  • I need a little nudge to help get me started

  • I want to see results and develop a healthy habit

  • I'm taking care of everyone else and not myself

  • I want to feel better;  physically and mentally

  • I want more of a consistent physical yoga practice

The entire program: $135


This program is formatted to help you achieve your health goal(s).  Each week we will focus on a theme that builds empowerment ~ mental and physical health.


Feelin' Groovy Benefits:


  • Each week will build upon itself.  

  • You ALWAYS have permission to pick one theme and stay with that through the entire program (for example, focusing on sleep the entire time). 


  • This program is part unlimited in-person classes and weekly newsletter check-ins and resources.  Join when you can, and know you will 

Feelin' Groovy Offerings:

Weekly email includes:

Theme/focus area

30 minute recorded yoga video with theme/focus

Calendar to track progress

Self-reflection questions


Private Facebook Group

We inspire each other.  Want to change a habit? - join forces with a friend!  There is power when we gather together with focused intention.  This group is for sharing ideas, challenges, successes, supportive information and resources. 


Weekly newsletters and videos will also be posted on our private Facebook group.  

PLUS - LIVE Classes and Check-ins:

April Offerings:

  • Initial group meet & greet

With a meditation for Sankalpa (intention)

April 1 - no fooling ;-)

  • Monday evening Yoga Nidra for deep rest

(April 5 - 26th @ 7 PM CST)

Dr. Patty is one of our beloved visiting instructors.  Learn more here

(3 LIVE check-ins: April 6, 12, & 16th at 4PM CST)


  • Check-in along with a Yoga practice:

April 18th at 4 PM

Each month you receive a monthly calendar with offerings.  Here is April's





* Monthly calendar with dates and times of gatherings for May and June will be sent out a month in advance when register.

Space is limited

This is a gathering of women 
(& anyone identifying as female)

I hope you will become a part of this community.  Register today to save your spot.

                ONLY $250 for Entire 3 month program

Register Today!

Your guide,  Kris Layman has been a bodyworker and yoga teacher for over 25 years. I believe in a collective of women to help encourage, explore, and support.  Join me in weaving our experiences together, in a productive and beneficial environment in order for you to achieve your health goal.  


You are encouraged to participate in any session you would like.  All levels of yoga experience are welcome.  

Please Note: Details of what you may like to have & Zoom links will be sent out prior for attendees. 

Full payment is due at time of registration and can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

No Refunds 

Unexpected things happen, so please reach out if that is the case.

Photo Aug 11, 6 30 34 AM.jpg

Yoga for the Body's Healing

Spring Alive!

Join Kris for 90 days to focus on feeling great!

Body, Mind, and Heart


Go at your own pace, allowing these classes and information to be a guide along your journey.

Pumpkin Soup and Garnish


Physical Body:  Sleep,  Nutrition & Movement

~ improve sleep

~ keep moving the body

~ Spring Cleanse with Dr. Patty: 

  • change your relationship with food

  • improve your digestion

  • increase your mental clarity

  • stabilize your energy

       (April 5 -17)

silence relaxation meditation.jpg


Mind and Emotions 

May brings exploration into 

~ reframing stress

~ elasticity of comfort zone

~ mindful movements to build Prana (energy & focus)



Bliss ~ Sweetness ~ Nectar of Life - Yes, Please!

Creative practices to expand and enjoy the efforts of the last two months.  June is BLISS body!

earth day yoga 2017.jpg

Celebratory Gathering for Completion

Online or safely outdoors

Join us for a BLISS party

Whether in your own home or safely gathering at a distance, we will celebrate!


Values and habits to build~

Movement in every day

Nighttime routine

Better sleep

Foods that nourish and replenish

Mindful breathing for calm

Meditation & Guided Relaxation

Positive self-talk

Photo Aug 11, 6 16 03 AM.jpg

I look forward to joining you on this journey of health.


Kris Layman of Prema Yoga Lifestyle

Questions?  Please email me

Come, relax and draw inward

Journey to the soul

Nourish and Renew~

Embody and Embrace

the calling of your heart

Create the time to experience the transformative power of intention. 

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