• Kris Layman

The LONG Car Ride

Today I had a vision.... Imagine yourself on a very long car ride driving non-stop for days and days and days..... In the car, traveling with you is the most annoying, loud, obnoxious person you could imagine. They are talking in a whiny, high-pitched voice, nagging about what you’re not doing correct, how long it’s going to take you, how you should be doing it better, be better – you get the idea...

Then imagine that person becomes a bunch of over-tired, cranky kids fighting and throwing a tantrum.

And I remind you, there is no escape on this road trip. You are stuck in that car FOREVER...

For survival sake, you start to tune out the nagging and bickering voices even though they are still traveling with you. You’ve become numb to it.

Here’s what I realized- my inner critic/judge is basically that annoying travel companion. And they are a bully. Yoga, which is also meditation, is a tool for me to press the pause button, and listen to what that bully is saying, instead of numbing out to it and believing it. I can’t control the abuse and bullying in the world, but I can start to awaken to what I allow in and travel with. I know many of you feel the same way. I’d love that voice inside to be my best friend: “You’ve got this.” “You are doing great, keep going”.

I will start by tuning in more to the noise I’m traveling with on this road trip of life. And hope to become a ‘better friend’.

Ahimsa (non-harming), compassion for oneself. This was today’s theme for our yoga class. Become a better friend to yourself. Join me. (Sorry for any grammatical errors, love, my inner friend :)

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