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Partner Yoga & Massage

Movement and Art

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We at Prema believe in: 

~community & connection

~yoga is for all bodies and ages   


We honor a variety of paths for health and wellness. 

Prema is the home of independent teachers following their passion.  

Yoga (mindful breathing, meditation, strength and stretch),

Ayurveda, movement, bodywork, and much more.  

We are committed to bringing quality teaching to our workshops, retreats, and wellness classes.


Welcome to Prema!

ho·lis·tic:  relating to the whole of something

or to the total system instead of just to its parts

in·te·gra·tive: Combining two or more things

to form an effective unit or system.


We are glad you found us.

Hope to see you soon.

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Feelin' Groovy

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Restorative & Relaxation Retreats 

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